Mission Statement
                                                                               VREC Properties
provides its clients with the most
fee-transparent, and
real estate service possible.

Our objective is to simplify all aspects of the information flow between relevant parties (buyers, sellers, surveyors, legal processes, municipality etc), and thereby facilitate a transaction which both buyer and seller understand and will be happy with.

Our reputation is of paramount importance, and will be vigilantly safe-guarded by the impeccable conduct and intentions of all our staff and associated partners.

As a result, VREC Properties has established itself as by far the most respected
real estate consultancy in the region.

Obligation-Free Property Assessment
We again reiterate our pledge of an "Obligation-Free Property Assessment" to ALL people who visit Vilcabamba. Feel free to use our experience, professionalism and integrity to check out a property you may have become interested in. We will let you know what we think (and why!) ... then it'll be your decision.

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Vilcabamba truly is one of the most incredible and beautiful places on earth. Its richly oxygenated climate has always been described as "perpetual spring." Water is plentiful, fresh, and mineralised, the landscape is lush and fertile, and the people are friendly! In this community, there is never a shortage of interesting things, people and projects to get involved with ... there is a true "community-spirit." One of Ecuador's best national parks (the Podocarpus) is also right next door! As a contrast to the increasing problems, headaches and growing-pains of the so-called "first-world" (as the locals here jokingly refer to it!), Vilcabamba effortlessly provides a balm for mind, body and soul. Why not visit us soon?  :)

Number 1 Country
In the World
for Expat Living
(2014 & 2015)

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